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These bejeweled kaleidoscopes, known to evoke laughter and audible "wows," are beautiful on the outside and captivating on the inside. Adorned with crystals and imagination, the scopes are reminiscent of the cathedrals of Europe or the sunlight refracting through morning dew. The pristine front surface mirrors and the sealed chamber create crystal clear images. Lose yourself in these ever changing landscapes of light and reflection.

"The kaleidoscope is like a crystal cave – all its magic is in eclipse until you take a peek. Then the magic unfolds so simply that you don’t have to apply any effort, nor do you have to see what others do. In fact, it is just for you to see, and you can read into it whatever you feel. Kaleidoscopes are a universal celebration."

-- Kaleidoscope Artistry by Cozy Baker

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